Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Fun Starts NOW!

OK, so templates, couplings, decisions and questionmarks!

We are now at the stage of mating the new AC31 EV Motor to the Gearbox Bell-Housing. This is probably the most technically accurate stage of the project. We need to mount the motor while ensuring that the coupling between the gearbox input splined shaft and the motor's "keyed" shaft is 100% accurate. Anything wrong here will result in broken shafts or bearings; not a desirable outcome.

We have made a template of the Flange that mounts the motor onto the gearbox. We are going the motor located by cutting a countersunk circle the diameter of the motor so it is always achieves positive alignment once the motor sinks into the circular cut.

And here's the finished product, motor and gearbox mated, ready to get mounted in the car.

Well, there was a hiccup. The mounting plate had to have its bottom third cut-off as it hit against the cross-member in the vehicle. Yet another wait however, all's well that ends well.

Unfortunately, this stage of getting from template to finished mounting plate and shaft connector, killed 4 months as we waited on 3rd parties to get the shaft connector machined.

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