Monday, May 12, 2014

A year ago tomorrow; the ICE engine came out!

As final builds go, this one is painstakingly slow!

All 96v cabling is done. Most of the BMS wiring is finished.

Above one can see the controller wired-in and having received the pin-outs for throttle and regen brake hall-effect pots, they are minutes away from being finished too :)

We still need to wire-up the charging circuit, although all the elements are now in place as you can see below.

Right at the front is the Elcon Charger, in front of a bank of cells in the green Joeys and behind that (in front of the rest of the green Joeys, are 2 x 12v batteries, flanked by 2 x 12v DCDC converters. Why 2 x 12v batteries. Well, the motor that now drives the hydraulic system in the DS EV is a 24v motor. It cuts in and out as required to top-up system. So, when the car is running as usual, the batteries are in parallel, providing the required 12v for the car electrics. However, when the pressure-switch cuts-in and gets the 24v motor going, solenoids (high-current relays), switch the batteries to in-series mode still allowing 12v to flow to the car electrics and 24v for the hydraulic compressor motor.Oh, the second DCDC converter is a backup and privides symmetry......

A "tray is being constructed that will protect the BMS's on top of the front cell range with a backing plate. This "tray" will be the space for a charging cable as well as other odds and ends.

The "tray" you see below is version 1 which has been scrapped while we produce a replacement. 

Under the bonnet is now covered with factory original padding (apart from the bit at the front which is usually uncovered:
Sorry.... Cannot seem to be able to rotate pic!
Oh, the 2 black strips above (on the bonnet ribs) are my new LED under-bonnet lights. And now for the icing on the cake, I am so happy with the result of the regen brake over the original Citroen DS "mushroom" brake. The theory is that standard braking will be taken-care of by the regen brake and in emergencies or immediate stop requirements, pushing the brake further, activates the very positive DS disk brakes.

Look Ma, clutch gone..... Yes, where the clutch pedal used to be, now is a space where one may comfortably rest the left foot. And for those of you with a keen eye, you may see that the clutch pedal is still in fact there, behind the carpet.

Oh! almost forgot……. One cannot forget the reverse switch. Here it is that red "safety" switch to the left of the steering wheel in the pic above.

And one last thing, the impact sensor, now mounted and ready for wiring, in the pic below.

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